We have gathered all of our information from reputable sources and we hope that BabyVax helps you to make informed decisions on your family’s wellbeing. You can find more information on vaccines and the diseases that they help to prevent at the below links:


Health Service Executive (Ireland) is responsible for Irish health services and provides information on the childhood vaccination schedule and symptoms of diseases for the public:

Health Protection Surveillance Centre (Ireland) collects information on infectious diseases in Ireland and around the world:

The Health Products Regulatory Authority monitors the safety of medicines and vaccines in Ireland:


Vaccines Europe is a group of companies involved in vaccine research in Europe; the website contains good descriptions of how vaccines work and how they are licenced in the EU:

Detailed Information on all licenced vaccines in Europe (including their components, scheduling and side effects) is available on the European Medicine agency website:

The National Health Service (UK) is responsible for health services in the UK and provides information on vaccines and diseases for the public:


World Health Organisation (global) provides worldwide information about diseases, current outbreaks and the impact of vaccination:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (USA) collects information on infectious diseases in the USA and around the world:

National Institute of Health (USA) is a government agency that funds medical research in the USA and has useful information on vaccines and vaccine research:

The US government website about vaccines contains useful information:


The Meningitis Research Foundation website contains information about meningitis and vaccine development:
The History of Vaccines website run by The college of Physicians of Philadelphia contains interesting articles about about the history of vaccines, how vaccines work and how they are developed: